SLBI (Southeast Louisiana Bible Institute)

Hard as it is to believe- we are about to graduate our first class.  In March we will have 5 receiving their Associate of Biblical Studies and 5 receiving their Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

What’s next? That is yet to be determined.  Of the 5 with a BA there are four congregations represented in the area.  It is my hope that they will begin satellite schools in each of their congregations and keep the trend going.


VBS FOR 2012

Vacation Bible School for 2012 is over in about 30 minutes.  We had another great time.  The crew from Crieve Hall did, as usual, a fantastic job.  I know it is customary to say things like that in the church BUT they did a great job.  The numbers were/are as follows:

MONDAY – 120




I will have some pics to follow in a day or so.




This year thus far we have been present on the Lord’s Day when three young men came to Christ.

They came on different Sundays.

They came at different times.

They came to Christ all in the same manner.

These young men range in age from 15-17.


We have had:
SLBI- summer break

Vacation Bible School was another one for the books: Monday 116; Tuesday 151; Wednesday 130; Thursday 159.

The School is still going well. I’ve had to teach a bit more than last year. Finances are tight for everyone 🙂


I am probably the worst communicator of all time.  Although I feel I am “talking” constantly I did not realize it has been this long since my last post.

I won’t make any promises.  BUT, I will try to do better.

This is the latest in WBI’s (World Bible Institute) efforts to teach.  It is, I believe, a program called Illuminate and it allows Bible classes to be taught in remote and distant settings all over the world.

I recently received my Masters from WBI.  The classes here in Louisiana are going well.  We are in year two and still have 14 students.  I have had to teach a bit more lately so that is part of my lame excuse for not connecting more.  I just finished “The Spiritual Disciplines” in January and begin “Acts” on February 11th.  I still preach Sunday AM and PM, teach class Sunday AM, teach class Tuesday PM, teach class Thursday AM & PM.

The congregation is going well.  We are at about 75 in attendance.

Thank you for stopping by and again… I’m gonna try harder.







I realize it has been a while since I posted something here… but I assure you it is because of limited time and maximum activity.

This summer we had our annual VBS and set new highs for our attendance.  Our Numbers for this year were: Monday- 140; Tuesday- 137; Wednesday- 130; Thursday- 132.

The preacher training school (SLBI) is still going strong and our students continue to study.  We are conducting our eighth course for the year.  At the end of this year (in November) we will have conducted 10 courses.  So far we have had: Old Testament Survey; Evangelism; Gospel of John; Life of Christ; The Godhead; Scheme of Redemption; How We Got the Bible; Work & Life of a Preacher; Hermeneutics (October); Christian Evidences (November week long short course).

Our annual Gospel Meeting is set for November 14-18.  Herber Moore from the Old National church of Christ in College Park, GA will be conducting our GM this year.

We are about to set a new program into action with our sisters in Christ.  Shortly, they will have a number of activities to help them grow closer to one another.

SLBI- a reality

SLBI (Southeast Louisiana Bible Institute) is a reality.  We began our first course on January 15, 2010.  We concluded that course, Old Testament Survey, on January 30, 2010.  For more information about the school please go to this link SLBI.  Here are a couple of pictures of the first class.

The school operates under the certification and guidance of the World Bible Institute in McDonnough, GA.  The director of WBI is brother J.J. Turner.   We are conducting one class per month.  Each class meets for a total of 16 hours and taught  by an instructor with a minimum of a master’s degree.  Our instructor for this class was David Hamrick out of Dallas, TX.  We had 15 students in our first course.  There are classes scheduled January – October for a total of 10 courses per year.  After our second year the students will be eligible for an AA in Bible.

I am the Director/Dean for our school and now have a very real appreciation for those who have to deal with all the paper work, grading, scheduling and just plain “stuff” in an academic situation.

I encourage you all to check out World Bible Institute and consider setting up a school in your area.  WBI’s desire is to have at least one congregation conducting a school in all the states.  They do a great deal of their work overseas.